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California drops the ball (again!)

Today the California Supreme Court ruled against overturning Prop 8.  For a state which has always touted itself as “progressive” and tolerant, this action projects exactly the opposite.  Check out the ACLU web site and support them if you can.  They are doing some good work in drawing attention to this issue and in trying to right a wrong.

Sad Story

In the May 18th issue of PEOPLE magazine there was a sad story titled “Bullied to Death”  about two 11 year old boys who committed suicide after being called “gay” by bullies.  Both kids were described as being bright, creative and sensitive…

It is so disturbing that simply being labeled as gay has become one of the worst insults that one child can hurl at another.  All of us need to work within our schools, promoting tolerance and fighting this homophobia which is manifesting at such a young age.

These two kids did not need a European Holocaust to find an early death, they found it in suburban USA in the 21st century.

Program News

Very exciting week with the PTP!   Paul Neal has planned a wonderful program of music to precede the world premiere of the new oboe piece.  We will have a nice combination of works written in the Holocaust period along with complimentary works by other composers.  Hope you can join us for what promises to be a beautiful evening of music!

Have we gotten nowhere?

Saw an interesting article in the NY Times (4/12/08) a few weeks ago…   It was discussing the reality TV show “American Idol” and conjecturing that one the forerunners – Adam Lambert – would never be able to win the competition because he is alleged to be gay.   How sad that this is still the discussion;  not the relative merits of an artist but rather his or her sexuality.