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Gay student receives death threat at NC campus

A death threat was received earlier this week by a gay student attending Guilford College in Greensboro, NC.  On Monday, the student found a note on his door stating that “nobody wants your kind on campus” and that “death is too good for you.  Almost.”      I spend every summer on the Guilford campus and am deeply saddened and horrified by this development.

Guilford has always had the reputation as an inclusive and progressive community of creative thinkers, which makes this act  doubly reprehensible.  To the many good people and great minds at Guilford – we know you are as horrified as we are.  To the intolerant coward who did this covert act – may you someday know the hate, horror and anguish your action has caused.

Students are organizing a protest march on campus  in response, planned for this Wednesday.   Attend if you can and make your voice heard!

Elton John would make a great parent!

This past week Elton John and his partner tried to adopt an HIV positive orphan from Ukraine.  Alas, John was denied this request because of his “advanced age” (62) and because his union with his long-time partner is not recognized as a legitimate marriage.

How sad it is that we live in a  world where a needy child is denied a loving home due to intolerance and bigotry.

Kimpton Rocks!!

A special thank you to one of our corporate sponsors – the Kimpton hotel chain!  Kimpton was one of the first businesses to step forward and support the PTP, continuing a long line of the company’s philanthropic and social causes.  Kimpton CEO, Mr. Mike Depatie, has been especially generous and Ms. Jennifer Magnone of the Kimpton staff has been patient and conscientious.  Whenever you travel, try to support Kimpton!   You won’t be disappointed!    (Fan favorite:  the Hotel Rouge in Washington, D.C.)